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TPS in Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas

To renew your work permit, you must wait until USCIS publishes a period in which you can renew your TPS.

The cost is $ 495 paid to the US Department of Homeland Security. This program is eligible for a fee waiver.

Include a copy of your employment authorization card, social security number and identification, as well as 2 passport-style photos.


To be eligible for TPS, you must:

  • Be a citizen of a country designated to the TPS, or a person without nationality whose last habitual residence was in the designated country
  • Submit the application during the initial registration or re-registration period, or meet the requirements for late application during any extension of your country's designation to the TPS. (People who apply for the first time and sign up late should see the 'Late Application Submission' section below)
  • Have been physically present continuously in the United States from the effective date of the most recent designation date in your country
  • Have resided continuously in the United States from the date specified for your country. The law allows an exception to the requirement of continuous physical presence and that of continuous residence, for short, casual and innocent outings outside the United States. When you request or re-enroll in TPS, you must inform USCIS of all your absences from the United States from the dates of CPP and CR. USCIS will determine if the exception applies to you.
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