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Resident Card Renewals in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Texas

Hermandad Mexicana Nacional helps anyone in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Texas who needs to go through the resident card renewal process. This procedure can be simplified when you get some assistance. We help people who are dealing with the renewal period that occurs every 10 years.

Lost Your Green Card? Let Us Know!

Replace a lost green card by contacting the immigration consultants at Hermandad Mexicana Nacional.

Make sure that these documents are current because you won’t be able to work legally or travel outside of the United States until they are up to date. Our office can help you if your green card is lost or expired. However, you need to come into our office in order to get the help you need. We can assist you in filling out the application correctly, for example.

Ensure that you always have access to the benefits that come with having a current and valid card. This includes increased access to job opportunities, and some of them are only available to citizens or green card holders. These jobs typically pay better, and you might also qualify for benefits and retirement pension programs. Replacing this card will enable you to freely leave and re-enter the United States without risk or hassle. Green card holders are also able to collect social security benefits upon retiring at the minimum age of 65.

From petitioning for family members to applying for your own citizenship, green cards offer many benefits. Don’t lose these benefits by forgetting to renew the card. There are some restrictions to this process, so call the experienced immigration consultants at Hermandad Mexicana Nacional today.

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